Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Since re-formatting this old travel blog, it's now a bit easier to use. All posts are now links on the left hand side there, listed in the chronological order of our travels, and with "day numbers" in each title for reference.

After reading a post, clicking on "home" at the bottom will take you back to this welcome page. Or you can just jump to the next posting using the links on the side. You'll work it out.

Schloss Pillnitz, March '06, 5 months after our visit. The floodwaters now cover where we stood

Most of the writing in each posting was made at the time it all happened, but naturally some were modified and tidied-up after we got home. I tried to retain many of the comments I wrote at the time because it captures the mood and the magic of travelling. Therefore the tense can seem a little confusing.

Off you go!